Friday, December 28, 2012

What is an Adventure?

Jennifer posted this over on Facebook and it struck a chord with does not have to rocket to the moon to challenge oneself..or have an impact on others. ..
This has always seemed a very contemplative time of year for me...considering what changes I'd like to put forward for the new year..honing and refining ..

In a few short days we are headed into 2013 ..which I'm in a shock over..2012, I barely knew you..or so it seems ...As a crafts person January ( after crazy Xmas production and shipping)  brings a moment of down time , opening up little blank spots in the never ending mental To Do lists , this in turn allows thoughts and insights to randomly wander in and out more freely.. also the Creative Muse returns from her December vacation.

I happened to be outside at 6am ,putting feed out for the birds,  a nearby church rings it's bell at that time..however today it wasn't just a bing bong bing , but a series of Christmas tunes..ringing thru the darkness ..what unexpected good fortune to be out there to hear this little's probably been going on all week..but the surprise of it was uplifting .

It occurred to me , that Magic is often to be discovered in very small things and events..and that little bit of surprise brings about a certain sort of joy...

For 2013 ,my wish and hope is that we are more frequently able to discover the simple joys and magic that fill this world.

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mairedodd said...

that is just beautiful, nan - you certainly do leave some of yourself behind in everything you touch!