Tuesday, December 18, 2012

taking quality photos set up

I really try to get decent photos..but let's face it, my photo skills need a lot of help..not totally horrible...unlike some I saw on Ebay last night..which left me wondering how on earth that seller thought their, seen thru a fog, photos would get a buyer..but still ..my photos don't do my own work justice..this lady needs to power that shine off her nose..
I visited this site , http://www.handmadeology.com/studio-quality-product-photography-with-a-12-set-up/  linked from the Love My Art Jewelry..I can do this..and you can too.... the light set up uses simple, at home items that can be  set up and put away easily..cheap too..using daylight...I do have the advantage of living in Texas where there is plenty of strong sunshine in the winter months ( mostly)... check it out .

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Lori Anderson said...

So beautiful, your work.