Sunday, October 30, 2011

How Many Blogs Does One Need?

This is Blog #3 for me..The first, Spirit Rattles was just something to play around with and learn that I intended to chop at a later date, #2, Nan Emmett Studio was going to be a type of easy, hands on,website for my non- production work..and my primary sits neglected most of the time.
However , as typically happens,things took on a life of their own and Spirit Rattles Blog bloomed into a beading blog...with a misleading name. My Etsy shop name is Spirited Earth,nicely general and appropriate for all manner of clay work..that was the second try with the Etsy shop title..I forget what junk name was on the first one..does that ring any bells with anyone else.

Over the last year or so I've  become increasingly disenchanted with rattle making, from a purely business stand point ,my profit margin on rattles is Zip, Nada, Zero..for the amount of work involved in each piece, they should be bringing in almost double their wholesale price..sad but true.. Especially after building up a nice business over 20yrs with numerous galleries across the country. There are also other factors
(family issues) involved with putting my rattle production in deep freeze mode..

Thanks to the Bead Soup Party, created and hosted by Lori Anderson, I've fallen in love with bead making and jewelry..
The question arises on what to do with the blog(s)..Well ,of course, start yet another that will tie into my Etsy shop name ..we'll see if I can switch over and make this my primary beading blog...
( don't think spell check is working today..sorry for any spelling errors)