Saturday, February 4, 2012

This about sums it up

Now that I have your attention..

 The first thing I read this morning was an interview with the actress who played Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, this one segment moved me..I know it will color my the very best of ways

 Mary Badham on being Scout interview:
What do you think the movie -- and the book -- still have to say to us?

It just has everything to say about intelligence and getting a good education and trying to live a positive, good life. We're still dealing with issues of ignorance, which, to me, breeds things like bigotry and racism and intolerance and hatred. So I think it helps us to reach up, beyond that. And this is a very important treasure house of what we can do to live a better life and to make this world a happier place to live in. If more people would try and reach up instead of going to the lowest common denominator, I think we'd be a lot better off.

Oh by the way, that is not a photo of me..but of a friend, playing around ..I just happen to love that makes me laugh..a good way to begin any day don't you think?
and she will absolutely kill me if she ever sees this ..shhhh

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