Wednesday, August 1, 2012

From Then to Now- Bugs,Beads and Soup

The Bead Soup Party is ongoing this month, with 3 different reveal days since there was such an enormous response to Lori's 6th blog hop event..
This blog, Spirited Earth Studio is sort of a side blog where i catalog things i want to remember of just random things..
Cindy Wimmer wrote in her blog about the very first Bead Soup Party, Feb 2010, and how she was the winner of my cup of soup giveaway..this time she was selected to be my BSP#6 partner..lucky day for me. got me to thinking back about how I came to be in this place..a bead maker..I really didn't see that coming...
This is really going to be embarrassing...but..
 I'm going to post a photo of my first ,not made in class , jewelry was for a challenge on Silver Parrots Blog,Nov 2009, we were to make pieces inspired by photos of certain bugs..

as you can see ..not one ceramic bead was on this bead woven bangle.

Then came Lori Anderson's brilliant  idea for a Bead Soup Party..there were 84 participants..gulp!
ohh, really bad photography,  my camera didn't have macro option.

And now....

I'm happy with my improvement over these last 2+ years..
I love the beading community and I'm thrilled to have turned from ceramic production (stress out) work to making beads..


kristibasket said...

This was a fun post! It is amazing how much we can evolve, learn, and grow! I just LOVE your bead soup necklace!

mairedodd said...

very cool -
gosh, we all have that first jewelry - the kind where we didn't have the confidence or experience to mix things in different ways...
in only 2 years you have evolved so much...
lucky girl who got your soup!