Friday, April 6, 2012

^04 texture glaze

Bleeding Cake - Cone 04

Volcanic Ash 33

Borax 20

Sand* 16 * (I use the fine grain hobby sand from Michael's or other craft store)

Grolleg 11

EPK 20____________ 100

*For color add...Dark blue: + Cobalt Carbonate 3%
Moss green: + Chrome 1%
Brick red/warm brown: + Red Iron Oxide 15%
Golden/Yellow Ochre: + Rutile 8%


It's been a long time since I've mixed glazes from scratch..but this one looks very interesting.

This recipe and the color chips are from Meagan Chaney's blog..go over and check it out.

Oh and for anyone in the Houston area..the ceramics store..who we all know has the very best prices on having a sale on Monday April 16th..go to their website to get more info about that.

you know I'll be waiting when the door opens.

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